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Refueled and Rock Ready

October 24, 2014

We're back from our scattered summer ramblings, ready to hit the clubs, and pleased to announce the addition of our latest member, pilot and guitarist Josh Hunter. Josh fills the void left by departing guitarist Seth Walter, who we had the pleasure of playing with for many years. We're psyched to have Josh in the band, not only for his excellent playing abilities, but also for the continued sense of fun that he's brought along with him. Thanks to stewardess and bassist Amy Brown for introducing us to Josh.  Look for upcoming shows featuring Josh soon.

We're also working on several new songs, so listen for those at our upcoming shows as well.

Thanks again to our sixth member, pilot and original guitarist Rick Brame, for coming North from N.C. to play this summer's benefit show in Rochester, NY.

For those of you who have noticed that, up to this point, The Modern Airline has featured only male pilots and female stewardesses, please note that TMA members are free to make lateral career moves within the corporation at will, and may do so at any time.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Mod Air's Summer Update

July 17, 2014

Happy Summer to all of our fans!  First, we'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended and/or contributed to the Koo Koo Boy benefit that we were part of in Rochester, NY.  It was not only a huge success, but literally the most fun show we've ever played.  All of your kindness and generosity made it possible for our dear friend Scott (Kook) to be with his best friend Marcon to the very end.  People literally travelled from all over the country to see the Dog's Life reunion. Old friendships were re-ignited and new connections were made.  And TMA got to play once again with our original guitarist Rick Brame, who came up from NC just for the show. Truly an awesome night, and an amazing display of generosity from all of you fans.  Thank you!  And stay tuned here for video clips of the show.

Another bit of great news for us, we're getting played on our favorite radio station WFMU. Freeform radio is where it's at, and no one beats WFMU for keeping us constantly interested and inspired.  Big thanks to DJs Irwin Chusid and Pseu Braun  for spreading The Modern Airline's new waves.

Lastly, you may be wondering what happened to that single we've been talking about for months and months.  Don't give up!  It's on its way, delayed by some dying computers and outdated software, but sounding good and nearly ready for takeoff.

Check back soon for show listings as the summer continues. 

Hope you all have an amazing summer!

The Modern Airline

We're Crazy for Koo Koo!

April 26, 2014

Long before The Modem Airline took its first fight, Lee and Amy made up half of Rochester, NY's pop favorites Dog's Life. More often than not, Dog's Life split the bill with their friends and pop peers Koo Koo Boy, feeding off each other in a frenzy of hook-filled musical highs and mutual admiration. Now after 20 years, Dog's Life will howl again, for one night, to benefit Koo Koo Boy himself, Scott Coblio, as he cares for his roommate and best friend, now in the late stages of neuroendocrine cancer. The Modem Airline will join Dog's Life, along with current Rochester favorites 5Head, Fox Sisters, The Gowns and former members of Koo Koo Boy on May 17th at Skylark in Rochester for the benefit show. Koo-Koo himself says hello! See the video below. Can't make the show? You can still give to Koo-Koo Boy online. Just go to, click 'Send' at the top of the and enter It's really easy and totally cool.

New Wave, now with more Sugar, on Feb. 21st

January 22, 2014

TMA is psyched to be part of Sugar, Corey TuT's monthly queer music showcase at Manhattan's Rock Bar on Feb. 21st at 9:00.  We'll be spazzing out to some New Wave with our LGBT friends, and you should too!  

Happy New Wave!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from The Modern Airline.  After much delay, we're back to work recording a new single tomorrow.  We hope you all have a great year, and we hope to share it with you!
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